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为了使我们能够以最有效的方式向您提供我们的产品和/或服务,我们需要收集您的相关个人信息。 我们收集的个人信息可能包括但不限于以下内容:
• 名字;
• 地址;
• 电话号码;
• 出生日期;
• 电子邮件地址;
• 性别; 或
• 身份证号码

•回应请求或投诉; 或

BigPost会将我们持有的关于您的所有信息视为私密和保密信息。 为了向您提供我们的产品和/或服务,我们可能需要向以下各方披露您的个人信息:
• 执法机构;
• 我们的代理人,承包商,服务提供商和/或专业顾问的公司或个人;
• 与可信赖的业务合作伙伴共享信息以提供服务; 或
• 您向我们明示或暗示同意披露的任何一方


Consent to the use of personal information
You agree that BigPost may process, use, disclose and/or retain your personal information in accordance with our privacy policy as long as necessary for the fulfillment of the purpose stated herein.

What types of personal information we may collect from you?
In order for us to provide our products and/or services to you in the most efficient and effective manner, we need to collect relevant personal information from you. The personal information collected by us may include, but not limited to, the followings:
• Name;
• Address;
• Phone number;
• Date of birth;
• Email address;
• Gender; or
• Identity card number

Purposes of collecting your personal information by us
Personal information that you provide to us will be processed for the following purposes:
• To process your application and/or request for our products and/or services;
• To provide you with the products and/or services you have requested or subscribed;
• To understand and analyse our sales, your needs and preferences;
• To develop, enhance, market and provide products and services to meet your needs;
• To conduct marketing activities;
• To determine how we can improve our services to you;
• To process exchanges or products returns;
• To enable you to participate in promotions and contests;
• To keep in contact with you and better manage any business relationship we have with you;
• To respond to requests or complaints; or
• To meet legal and regulatory requirements

Disclosure of personal information
BigPost will treat all information we hold about you as private and confidential. In order to provide our products and/or services to you, we may need to disclose your personal information to the following parties:
• Law enforcement agencies;
• Companies or individuals that act as our agents, contractors, service providers and/or professional advisers;
• To share the information with trusted business partners for provision of their services; or
• Any parties to whom you have given us your express or implied consent to disclose